A Retirement Myth: Does It Resonate?

Has anyone ever said to you, "New careers are for our kids and grandkids"? In Robin Ryan's "Retirement Reinvention", "More than 52% of adults over 60 have had at least three careers." (Think "kind of work", as in doctor, bartender, bus driver, executive, IT consultant.)

Even as an early Baby Boomer, I've had 7 (teacher, civil servant, business developer, stockbroker, PR, professional speaker, executive/retirement coach). In my early 30's, I wondered: Am I trying to find something that doesn't fit? Does it exist? These questions continued.

On the advice of a former executive client, I received my coaching certification at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. There, I observed my own need for balance. I was used to being the CTO instead of being a serene guide. I realized that the coach needs to be asking the questions, not answering them. I was encouraged once to "sit on my hands" and "sit back" into the chair. As a coach, my body language could relax the coachee, ask questions and listen, as long as it would take for the coachee to be comfortable enough to answer.

Resonating with others became possible for me when my dial was on listen, not talk. Focusing on questions instead of answers. For the last 20 years, I was an Executive Coach, helping senior leaders find their own questions. Transitioning (perhaps "one last time" is appropriate) to becoming a Retirement Coach.

I realized an earlier mantra belongs right here: ATT, ATT or All about them, All the time. Retirees or about to be retirees, I'm ready to support your thinking and planning on the non-financial aspects of retirement. Get ready--- we'll definitely have some fun!

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