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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

There’s a “silver tsunami” going on that will significantly change demographics in the next few years. By 2030, 1 in 5 residents in the United States will be within today’s retirement age (62-75). In my mind, the question most of them are likely to raise-- “Do we have enough”? is not the most important one.

In the mid-’80s to '90s, I’d done financial retirement planning as an investment advisor at what is now RBC. I learned about how to put an economic plan together from a financial perspective. Several years ago, I realized most of the executive coaching that'd I done was all about transitions. The shifts occurring during annual planning, changes in leadership in our workplaces or the impact of organizational shifts. As I considered my own "what's next for Betsy?", my hair was growing greyer and we had some health challenges in the family. These drew me into reflection and study retirement life.

I believe what really matters is not just counting our retirement funds but planning our retirement life transition. In the workplace, most of us are accustomed to planning our days. My new What Matters business focus is helping clients plan and experience what some call our “Third Act”, “Next Chapter” or “Final Hurrah”!

To really plan our “retirement”, we need to know what we’re going to “do” for what many aging experts call our most important and most personal transition period. What Matters most is creating your vision of what’s next in your own retirement life. It is about mapping a retirement game plan that is energizing, thoughtful and contributory.

Retirement is not “the end” and thinking about your retirement only in the context of “do we have enough” is not the answer. "What are you living for?", "How are you learning?" and "Where can your gifts be put to best use?" are the questions that matter.

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