A Quarter For Two, a Half Dollar for Three

My grandson, Ruben, turned 10 last summer. He decided he wanted to make some money, so his dad (my son) listened hard when Ruben explained he needed help to make a stand. “You know, like a lemonade stand”. Except Ruben had no intention of selling lemonade. He decided he wanted to sell jokes. Two for twenty-five cents!

While Ruben and his dad were building the joke stand, I was in their back yard on my laptop, dedicated to building more of an online presence for my life transition coaching practice. Not investment or financial-planning focused, What Matters in YOUR Retirement is all about living your retirement life.

Nearly ten years ago, I entered the Hudson Institute (www.hudsoninstitute.com ) studying executive coaching, with a focus on C-suite transitions to retirement. I’m also a baby boomer senior, which adds to my personal understanding. I certainly “get” retirement is the biggest transition of my life. Humor has always been a hallmark in my life, so, when the joke stand construction was complete, I asked myself, “why not add a jokes section to my What Matters in YOUR Retirement blog?”

Think of all those retirees, who have finished “work”, but are far from finished with their lives. I’m committed professionally to guide seniors (especially couples) in creating their own roadmap for this last chapter of their lives. Here are three jokes to keep our conversation going:

  1. A retired lady needed some extra cash, so she got a guitar and took some lessons. Then she learned some of her generation’s favorite oldies. Next, she got herself hired by a nursing home to sing for patients by their bedsides. After serenading one bedridden older lady, she got up to leave and said, “I hope you get better soon.” To which the patient quickly replied, “I hope you do, too”.

  2. Why was the limbo dancer shocked when his wallet was stolen right out of his back pocket? Because he didn't think anyone could stoop so low.

  3. An elderly couple was attending church services. About halfway through the woman leaned over and said to her husband. “I just let out a silent fart. What do you think I should do?” He replies, “Put a new battery in your hearing aid.”

Ruben started with an idea, executed it and continues to look for more jokes. Got three wholesome ones? Send them my way and I’ll post them here and donate 50 cents to your favorite non-profit that serves seniors. Email me for a couples’ retirement readiness assessment and debrief. Because laughing AND planning make positive contributions to this last chapter of our lives. Let’s do them both. NOW.

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