What Matters in YOUR Retirement

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

When I started retirement life coaching, I remember how one of my own coaches helped me prioritize what I wanted to focus on in my own retirement life plan. She set a timer for 13 minutes and told me to write individual words that just came into my head. Each word needed to be on a separate, enumerated line. I ended up with 111 words. The second half of her counsel was to try to put all those 111 words into one of three boxes. After solid coaching from her, 3.5 cups of coffee and a sense of both fear and enthusiasm, my three words were: Feel. Be. Do.

Why does this matter to you, you're probably wondering? Putting together and modifying a personal retirement life plan is one of the most complex, most emotionally laden life experiences I have ever had (and my teachers and clients have affirmed this to be true in their lives). I have tried, many times, to "just write" the plan. The problem I experienced was that I was 100% in my head and not writing an authentic and emotional plan.

After writing a summary of my own Feel-Be-Do roster, which I often review and revise, I put it on a poster in my office. My encouragement for you is to try this-- even before we start working together on a plan.

Notice one thing: 'Do' is last.

I'm curious. Does this "fit" how you would have envisioned your own approach to this next life phase? I would welcome (and keep confidential) whatever you'd be comfortable sharing.

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