Where are you on the retirement

life-planning journey

We all need support... often, in different ways

Planting a Plant


However long you have been 'officially' retired, chances are that you have not yet formed a retirement-life game plan. Developed a purposeful life beyond the corporate calendar...not just settled into the recliner.

We offer pertinent assessment tools that will help you identify what matters, and set goals for your post-retirement life.


The same is true if you are days, months,or even years away from retiring. Your assessment results will dramatically help shape future conversations and structure your post-retirement life action plan. We recommend having your spouse/partner take the assessment as well, so similarities and differences can be thoroughly discussed and addressed.

Preparing Jams


Retirement Planning is often singularly considered to answer the question "Will we have enough?" The first question that should be asked is "What Matters to us in making a retirement-life plan that focuses on what we will do with this new chapter in our lives?"

Employers are accustomed to bringing in organizations that provide executive benefits to their teams to 'talk about the money.' My own experience is that they never touch on 'retirement living,' because that's not been part of their training.
And, my personal opinion is that's not enough. 

What Matters offers Customized Retirement Life Planning Workshops for Businesses, Community Sponsored Groups, and/or Non-Profits whose people

can benefit from answering the question of

"What Matters in my Retirement Life?"

Audiovisual Conference


Many times, the whole concept of What Matters in creating a personal life retirement plan needs a high energy, motivational introduction well before the personal plans are written.

As an award-winning professional speaker for more than 20 years, Betsy is seasoned in delivering messages that call for taking action and reporting results. In addition, she can help clients reach their desired audience

without increasing costs.