Haven't retired yet? Now is a great time to start exploring.

When I named the company What Matters, some 20 years ago, I wanted to emphasize the importance of mission, vision and values and the connections to what tangible outcomes you are looking for.

A good friend suggested I talk with prospective retirement life planning clients about both doing and being. Alignment with action and heart. Plans for your last chapters, your final years and your best contributions.

Many of you may be in a situation whether you've been so busy examining  how to make sure you've planned well financially, that there has been little time and even less opportunity to envision the best options for where to live, the learning you want to do, the experiences you want to plan, the values that will drive your choices and how you will spend your time.

After studying for certification by Retirement Options Coaching, I developed (fill in the blank) road maps for these plans, test drove it with friends and family, and will launch Sept 3, the day after Labor Day. 

Do. Be. Do. Be. Do. Be.

I can't wait to help you with your plan, in a free 20 minute call (sign up here), explore your possibilities. I've created my own road map, and am inviting you, your friends and/or family, your professional colleagues and associations (local and national),  and whatever other groups you can envision to explore with me what will work best for you. 

This is What Matters next.

Let's get going.