The What Matters Retirement Life Plan


“Will we have enough?” is one important question of retirement planning. However, it is neither the singular nor driving component.


At What Matters in Your Retirement, we believe retirement life planning is “about more than the money”. We envision helping our enrolled executive retirees learn how to make deeper contributions of their time, talents and treasure to the community.



What Matters in Your Retirement envisions a world in which retirement is energizing, fulfilling and contributing to the world.



We work with retiring executives who want to develop a meaningful retirement life plan where their contributions of talent, time and treasure will make a positive difference in their lives and others’ lives.


What does What Matters in Your Retirement help retirees achieve? Three specifics:

  1. Understand their interests, talents and skills

  2. Apply personal and family retirement mission statements

  3. Celebrate their path to purpose as they exit the corporate workplace

Betsy Buckley

It's been a blessing to have a varied career path — from teaching, to strategic planning for the MN Department of Corrections, to sales management and community development for Control Data/City Venture, to what's now RBC Dain and hosting a daily after-market, public radio show with Cathy Wurzer), to business development, PR and speaking.  

I finally realized my greatest gifts involved helping leaders get growth (personal AND professional) when they needed change. After one of my clients complimented me on my coaching, I realized learning was a must, so I immediately enrolled at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. 

Fast forward to 2017. As my own hair began turning grey, I realized I wanted to coach executive retirees and about-to-be  retirees, while also providing employers and not-profit leaders both 1:1 and Group Sessions for their about-to-retire members. What Matters is not about 'do we have enough,' but instead, encouragement about planning an authentic retirement life full of fun and growth.