30 Second Snapshot

Betsy Buckley is a growth guide—for companies, communities and causes, for leaders and aspiring leaders— she focuses on revenue and reputation growth. Her experience in helping professionals and businesses increase their revenue growth translates to her new work at MicroGrants, where her primary role is growth of the organization’s revenue, its reputation and the quality of its work.

To generate this growth, Betsy creates sustainable systems and solutions; a facilitator, coach, trainer and consultant that understands the need for change, and holds colleagues, collaborators and clients  accountable. Known for her practical innovation, Betsy is often described as energetic, dedicated, strategic, funny, engaging and real. Top 5 StrengthsFinder: strategic, activator, woo, achiever, maximizer .

Got another minute?

Founder and Chief Rainmaker of What Matters, she’s spent the last 15 years of her life helping all types of businesses and professional service firms develop competence and confidence in sustainable methods of adding new revenue. A successful business executive and entrepreneur herself, she is a revenue builder with a track record of creating successful businesses, leadership transformations and measurable results.

As a coach, Betsy fuels behavioral change. Holding an advanced executive coaching certification from the Hudson Institute, considered “the Harvard of the coaching profession,” she specializes in working with C-suite executives, managing partners, management committees and high potential partners, managers and associates. She’s been brought in by Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, Ameriprise, General Mills, 3M and over 35 financial services companies, nearly 75 professional services firms, and done work for countless associations and nonprofits.

A half-marathon runner, emerging kayaker, lover of chocolate, community leader, passionate social entrepreneur,  Betsy has demonstrated in her own life that sustainable growth comes from building on your strengths. Her clients say her remarkable abilities have measurably fueled their growth.

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How in the world could the same woman run Minnesota’s prisons, create jobs in some of the country’s toughest neighborhoods, including the South Bronx, handle M&A work for 43 different financial services companies, do a daily after-market radio show, grow an 82-location global  PR  firm, found and run 3 companies, AND, be a mom, wife, and civic leader? Take 200 seconds and see Betsy’s complete bio.

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