Stuck at the complex
intersection of growth and change?

A seasoned guide for the journey can help you move forward, faster. What Matters founder, Betsy Buckley, does just that, drawing on 20 + years as an inside corporate executive and 15+ years as an independent, external executive coach.

How does she work?

Using a series of brief, powerful interventions and a laser-like focus on individual strengths and organizational culture, she:

  • Expedites executive onboarding  and integrate individuals newly promoted to the C-Suite
  • Enhances executive presence and/or emotional intelligence
  • Encourages long term behavioral change
  • Energizes greater employee engagement and commitment

Why Work with What Matters?

The experience of an insider, combined with the perspective of an outsider, fuels trust and confidence, encourages active client participation and drives lasting change and profitable growth. Professional development activities become anchored in substantive  behavioral change and achievement of defined organizational goals and strategies.